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JUST CHOCOLATE for staunch traditionalists

Gluten-friendly cake donut with crème fraîche chocolate frosting and a hint of salt and olive oil. Perfectly moist and rich. It takes a few bites to land something vaguely savory and a shockingly pleasant yet unplaceable sweetness that sends you back to hunt for more. This is the kind of chocolate cake you'd secretly tuck away, not to be shared but to be savored.

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the malasada

Traditionally made with naturally leavened sourdough enriched with egg, cream, and slightly denser than a donut. Our version errs on the side of brioche, fermented for optimal flavor and texture. It's exceptionally complex, light yet satisfyingly substantial, chewy and stretchy, soft and moist, with a crumb so tender, the crackly edges wobble to the piping of vegan vanilla bean custard. Each bite bears the full impact of Madagascar vanilla bean and melts on contact. We suspect that a renaissance is afoot.

Right: Vegan malasada filled with vanilla bean custard.


NEW keto cake

You don't have to take the keto plunge to be keto-curious. Not everyone can commit to keto, but everyone can reap the tasty creative treats incorporating fresh milled nut flours, butter, and the full fat deliciousness of avocado oil used in our new keto cake donut. A respite from the habitual sugar load rollercoaster, but still can satiate that sweet craving.

What we use: almond flour, coconut flour, egg, old fashioned peanut butter, monk fruit sweetener, avocado oil, unsweetened almond milk, zero sugar white chocolate and dark chocolate.


A collaboration with The Bruery to transform our Crème Brûlée donut into a beer. Released on National Donut Day in The Donut Box set along with other amazing donut partners. Experience the seduction of malted beverage with sweet hints of vanilla custard and burnt brittle sugar. Beyond just water, hops, and barley, it’s the kind of beer that explores the outer edges of what beer can be. 

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