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An image of 4 different cake donut varieties available at our shop. The donuts are (from left to right): apple cider cake donut with vanilla and cinnamon crumb frosting, vanilla and coconut frosted cake, dark chocolate and peanuts cake, and strawberry frosted cake.

Our Vision

The Donuttery has been producing the finest donuts in Huntington Beach, California since 1970. An industry-leading donut shop known for taking classic flavors and elevating them to the artisanal plane, delivering complex, balanced and consistent yeast-raised and cake doughnuts. Since the beginning, our goal has been to create a range of unique and recognizable donuts by perfecting techniques for enhancing the taste and texture profiles of doughs. Every donut handmade with passion and craftsmanship brought forth by Donuteurs with over a hundred years of combined baking experience. Our goal is to continue to create donuts that innovate on easily relatable flavors that will scratch a nostalgic itch for fried dough perfection.

The Dough

The donut world is divided into two camps: the heavy-cakey-dry-dunkers or the fluffy-chewy yeast lovers. One way or another, we are captivated by the donut's sugary spells with the notion that eating one is an act of naughtiness, they tend to inspire passion, irrational exuberance, and, at times, guilt-driven disdain. Regardless, the general consensus is that donuts are irresistible, delicious, and a phenomenal success so deeply embedded in our food culture, dating back to he first World War, and has come to earn theirs stripes as a distinctly, patriotic American snack.


Our vegan endeavor began as requests from patrons and friends seeking dietary alternatives. We embraced the challenge by creating plant-based versions of the classic donuts we loved and testing tirelessly until we attained a yeast-raised and cake texture that was almost identical to their dairy counterparts. The interplay between dairy and eggs in baking is beyond flavor and texture, and removing them completely in vegan baking compromises the donut's structure and freshness, resulting in a dense crumb. We set out to make donuts that accurately echoed the donut's overall experience. We sought to transcend the vegan donut status quo of dry, dense, and dull equivalents without relying on synthetic preservatives, but rather, the use of hydration, a process inspired by our fellow bread bakers. The vegan donuts we create are plant-based versions of classic favorites that we ourselves would only eat. Still today, we continue to chase after that perfect vegan round with its signature golden-hue, crispy exterior that encase a delicate, springy, soft crumb and commitment to principled, plant-based eating. 

Gluten-free & Vegan Gluten-free

A growing demand for wheat-less and gluten-free pastries steered our interest towards developing doughnuts using ancient grain flours such as teff, buckwheat, millet, sprouted brown rice, amaranth, and quinoa as substitutions for wheat. We spent years doctoring the perfect recipe using a combination of ancient grain flours best suited to yield cake doughnuts with a sturdy and dense texture without sacrificing the profoundly satisfying soft and moist crumb. Our gluten-free donuts are prepared with organic flours mixed in-house and baked to perfection.

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